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Constitutional Law

Constitution-croppedThe United States is unique in that it was the first country to set down a set of written rules for how and why its government could act. The Constitution of the United States is one of the most important documents in history, and to this day provides the framework for deciding what the government can (and can not) do. Similarly, the state of Michigan has its own, unique Constitution that provides a framework for the functioning of state government.


Of all areas of law, Constitutional law covers the broadest range of issues—criminal law, procedural law, civil liberties, property issues, zoning, and countless other types of issues—and is also the most complex and difficult area of law to understand. But it is also one of the most important.


Matters implicating Constitutional issues include:

  • Freedom of Expression
  • Obscenity Statutes
  • Due Process Violations
  • Right to Petition
  • Right of Assembly
  • Election Law
  • Taking of Property
  • Religious Freedoms
  • Parental Rights
  • Privacy Matters
  • Criminal Law
At Shelton Legal Services, we love Constitutional law. In fact, the firm’s founder, Steven Shelton, was the president of his law school’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and continues to be an active voice in protecting the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of all Americans. We have litigated and won cases with important Constitutional questions, and have advised numerous clients on matters involving questions of both state and federal Constitutional law.


Remember: a constitution doesn’t grant you rights; it protects the inherent rights with which you were born. If the government wants to prohibit you from expressing yourself, from practicing your religion, from associating with people of your choosing, or exercising any of your other rights, it must do so within the strict limits of the Constitution. And if that happens, you need an advocate on your side. Contact us, and let Shelton Legal Services be there for you.



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