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Shelton Legal Services, PLLC serves the legal community as well as the general public, providing professional services to lawyers and firms throughout Michigan and the country at attractive rates. Work can be done on a one-time basis, or on long-term or short-term contracts. Got overflow? Give us a call!


Legal Research

Most small firms and solo practitioners don’t have the resources to hire a full-time law clerk. That’s where we come in. Investigating an area of law with which you’re unfamiliar? Put us on it! We will provide the answers you need with quick turnaround and a bill that won’t break the bank. Need the Statute of Limitations for a personal injury case involving a minor in Minnesota? A list of the prominent cases involving promissory estoppel in Michigan? An analysis of identity theft statutes? Give us a call. We can do as little or as much as you need.


Evidence Transfer

Your client comes to you. He hands you a knife covered in blood. “I killed a guy,” he says, “with this knife.”


Now you’ve got a problem.


You have to give the knife to the police. If you don’t, you’re concealing evidence. But if you give the knife to the police yourself, you’ve got another problem: if your client is arrested and you show up for court, the prosecutor will know the knife came from your client, and now you’ve got a potential breach of client confidentiality.


In Michigan, the solution is to hire a third-party attorney to deliver the knife on your behalf. Police cannot obtain your name from this third-party attorney without violating attorney-client privilege. And if they can’t connect the knife to you, they can’t connect it to your client through you. Thus, you’ve fulfilled both your obligation under the law to turn over the evidence and your obligation to keep your client’s secrets.


The choice then becomes which attorney you will choose. The best choice is an attorney whose professional and social networks won’t lead police and prosecutors back to you. Someone who includes this type of service as part of his regular practice. In short, someone like Steven Shelton at Shelton Legal Services, PLLC.


For a very reasonable fee, we will ensure that your evidence is transferred anonymously, quickly, and professionally, wherever in Michigan it may need to go. Your identity will be secure, and so will your client’s.



Line-ups present a different problem for criminal defense attorneys. Your client needs his attorney there to make sure the line-up isn’t unnecessarily suggestive or otherwise problematic, but you can’t be there because of the danger of becoming a witness in your own case. The solution? Hire a third party attorney to attend the line-up. Choose Shelton Legal Services, and you’ll get an attorney who will show up on time, prepared to keep an eagle eye on the proceedings and to take meticulous notes that will help you feel as if you were actually there.


Contract Work

Need a second chair on the big case? Got two hearings scheduled on the same day in different counties, and neither judge will adjourn? Need local counsel to draft a brief on a particular part of your motion, or to conduct a deposition? Whatever your need, we can help. Put us on for a day or for the duration of your case. We’ll be glad to help, you’ll be glad you chose us. More importantly, so will your clients.


Contact Us

For more information on how Shelton Legal Services, PLLC can serve your practice, call Managing Attorney Steven Shelton at 810-750-1420, or send us a note on-line. We will respond promptly to tell you how we can help fill your need.


Looking to save money in your practice, or to do more with less? The following companies and products are great budget (and in some cases free) solutions for firms of all sizes.
A free, full-featured open-source office suite, complete with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and vector graphics editor. Supports all major file formats (including MS office and ISO-standard ODF). The suite is more secure and flexible than MS Office, is nearly 100% compatible with MS Office, offers almost all of the same features, and is absolutely free.


GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
Email is inherently insecure, and if you transfer files from one location to another there’s the danger someone will see your clients’ confidential data. GPG allows you to encrypt your files and/or emails to keep them secure. (Windows users will want to download GPG4Win.)


National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)
The NASE provides a number of tools to help self-employed people (including lawyers in small firms and solo practice) compete with big businesses. In addition to political action, the organization also offers a variety of health care programs and other benefits.

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